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CDSA Contract Career Path

CDSA fosters a culture of equality, respect, and understanding among all members of its diverse team. 

All positions will be contractual and renewal of contracts will be based on measurable good performance.

Salient Features

  • All positions will be filled through open competition.
  • There will be three management tiers: senior, middle and junior. Each tier will have 3 levels (A, B and C) to allow promotions for good performers within the same tier.  Each level will be mapped based on knowledge, skills and abilities (know how); scope; financial accountability; contacts/relationships and leadership management. 
  • Apart from the core management positions, there will be other arrangements to bring valuable human resources on board to support CDSA’s growing portfolio. These will be consultants, retainship arrangements with leading institutions and adjunct faculty. 
  • The compensation will be a consolidated sum with no other benefits. Each level will have a scale with minimum, middle and maximum thresholds and the selection committee will determine where an employee will be placed in the scale. 
  • All positions will be filled by duly constituted selection committees consisting of suitable persons.
  • Initial hiring will be for 2 years, renewable for 3 and then 5 years. Probation for 3 months during which the employee can be terminated by giving 15 days’ notice. Even during the contract period, unacceptable behavior or performance can lead to termination following due process and providing 2 months’ notice.
  • A comprehensive performance management system will determine performance, annual increase and promotion. Staff will set annual performance goals with measurable indicators of success approved by the supervisors. They will have opportunities to revisit their goals every quarter and refine / modify them based on current realities. Staff securing exceeding expectations in two consecutive years will be entitled to a promotion within the same tier. There will also be opportunities to grow professionally by setting learning objectives and accomplishing them. Anybody found performing ‘below expectations’ for will not qualify for contract renewal and may summarily be terminated.
  • The overall compensation will be made attractive compared with Government system to compensate for the non-permanent nature of employment, higher skills and domain expertise.