Meeting to explore the role of Academic-led Clinical Research Units in India



CDSA and THSTI organised a meeting in partnership with MRC Clinical Trials Unit at University College London, on 23rd July 2018 at THSTI, Faridabad.

The meeting was attended by senior clinical researchers and trialists from 18 leading academic institutions in the country. It explored the need in India of Academic Clinical Research Units (A-CRUs) modelled on the MRC CTU at UCL that would collaborate with academic researchers and SMEs/industry to deliver a programme of high quality clinical research, particularly multicentre clinical trials/studies that specifically address the challenges of healthcare in India. The A-CRUs would support all aspects of design, conduct, close-out, analysis and publication of trials/studies.

Remit of an academic research unit (A-CRU)

Discussions centred around what services an A-CRU would offer and to whom, who would host it, core infrastructure, potential funding models, the possibility of creating a network of academic A-CRUs and potential first adopters who might come together with CDSA/THSTI and MRC CTU at UCL to start this process. The general consensus was in support of creation of a network of such units and of efforts to explore this further.